Tiramisu Sirup

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Stirling Gourmet Flavors are rich and concentrated, a result of Stirling’s 64+ BRIX measurement (solid contents suspended in a water base), which makes it one of the most concentrated flavoring syrups on the market, saving you money on every pour. Only the highest quality flavoring ingredients and a complex blend of up to five natural sugars are used in the formulation of Stirling syrups, so a smaller average serving is required.

Less Sweetness
To ensure that our flavors do not overwhelm the recipes to which they are added, Stirling Gourmet Flavors do not deliver «sticky-sweet» flavor as do most standard-grade syrup brands. Why create a delicious latte with the highest quality coffee, brewed to perfection, only to compromise its taste with a sweet, watered-down syrup?




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